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The National

The national media group

the brief: create a video to support their marketing campaign

The client's idea was to develop a campaign that would blow away the misconceptions of their market and remind their partners of their true scale.

They wanted to appear innovative, fun and interesting and they wanted the video to support their clever PR and social media buzz that all have longevity. The creative brief was designed to install and grab the attention of the regional press market and get them to rethink their misconceptions.

The video was required to visualise their message and help make some noise in the agency and client community.

what did amber do?

We worked with the client's creative marketing team to ensure their ideas and visions for the stunt were captured effectively with the correct tone and context. Amber offered advice and creative input to the project, which helped enable the success of the final product.

The shoot itself was spread over 3 days. Our production team filmed the actors, the reactions of the media agencies and worked with the creative team to obtain the footage, audio and stills required to deliver the video. 

Amber supplied the camera equipment, the camera operatives, sound recordists and used its resource to commission the supporting music for it's accompaniment. The addition of music with the spoken audio was a welcomed service by the client.

All post production was handled in-house, which included editing the final cut, the audio production, colour correction and the final grading.  

why did amber get hired?

Amber were commissioned for this job because the client felt we had all the tools they required under one roof. We were able to work quickly, efficiently and with the client. Amber were flexible at every given moment and we were able to provide the service for a very competitive rate.

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